Destiny Software is your go to source for all your security company needs. Our goal is to create products that streamline your operations, maintain your client’s accessibility to you and their properties, and remain flexible as your business grows. We have created a centralized hub that houses everything that your security company will need to run smoothly and efficiently. With our software you have the ability to use our many features which include: Mobile patrol app, security guard patrol tracking system, license plate reader app, guard tour software, and employee time management software just to name a few. We have integrated our software to be used on desktop and mobile devices. Our software enables you to monitor the location of your security guards, assign checkpoints with our Guard tour software, and ensure that parking enforcement is up to date with parking permits on hand within our system.

Keeping accountability for your company is a breeze with our software. Our abundance of features enable you to ensure that your officers always have the tools they need at hand while on patrol. Our security guard checkpoint system shows gps location and time of when your officers arrive at a property. Also once on location your officers have the ability to utilize our Rodan system. This system gives them a set of directives to ensure that they are patrolling the area as specified according to their duties. Our security reporting software also ensures that reports can be made on location of a property. In the event that an officer needs to have a vehicle towed from a property, our license plate reader app ensures that the correct vehicles are being towed. Also since your officers will be able to have our mobile device app on hand, they can create the report and have it sent right away.

Destiny Software is your one stop source for your security company needs. You can utilize our software in an abundance of ways. We have an Admin Portal, Dispatch Portal, and a Client Portal. These different portals help to keep your company running smoothly. Also your clients can have access to our Client Portal. This portal gives your clients the ability to view reports and activities that occur on their property. This accountability is what keeps your clients happy and in turn ensures that they continue to use your security services. Destiny Software is the key to maintaining the happiness of your clients and the efficiency of keeping your business running smoothly.