Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Destiny Software, INC. – our integrity is our most valued asset.

Here at Destiny Software, INC, we value our integrity over any other asset that we have, because without that, our company would have no value. With this in mind, we are not allowed to discuss anything that has to do with any other companies, unless of course we have a signed agreement from a particular company that allows us to use them for advertising purposes or as a business contact reference. Please forgive us if we do not answer any questions regarding how many companies we have in a particular area, if we provide services for “x” company, I was told “x” company uses your software, etc… as our answer will be “I am sorry, but we cannot discuss any information regarding any other companies other than your own”.

NDA / non-disclosure agreement (confidentiality agreement).

Destiny Software, INC. Has a standard non-disclosure agreement that we can provide to your company so that your legal department may review, and once they approve or revise, we will verify any changes and sign the agreement before any information is entered into the databases that we control.

Term #6 of our service agreement

Destiny Software, INC. Acknowledges that a material term of the agreement with the customer is to keep all confidential information belonging to the customer absolutely confidential and protect its release to the public. Destiny Software, INC. Agrees not to divulge, reveal, report, or use, for any purpose, any confidential information which destiny software, inc. Has obtained or which was disclosed to destiny software, inc. By any and all customers.

Term #7 of our service agreement.

The obligation to protect the confidentiality of the customer’s confidential information will survive the termination of this agreement indefinitely, regardless if the customer continues to do business with destiny software, inc. Or not.

Term #8 of our service agreement.

The service provider may disclose any of the confidential information to the extent required by law or by the request or requirement of any judicial, legislative, administrative or other governmental body. However, the service provider will first have given prompt notice to the customer of any possible or prospective order (or proceeding pursuant to which any order may result), and the customer will have been afforded reasonable opportunity to prevent or limit any disclosure.