Destiny Mobile

Destiny mobile is not a web based application or web page that does limited functions, but an actual application that runs on the android and iphone operating systems, and will allow you to do a multitude of tasks that cannot be done from a web page based service. You can save reports to your smart phone even with no signal, this is not possible with a web based service.

Destiny mobile security system manages a variety of important security officer responsibilities within one application and utilizes a variety of technologies including qr codes (similar to barcodes but capable of more data), image capture, gps geofencing, gps location reporting and digital timeclock to facilitate and validate all security officer’s duties.

It is a green solution and maintains all records electronically, eliminating time-consuming storage and retrieval of documents and reports, while protecting employees and the protected property from liability. Destiny mobile also generates sophisticated management reports instantly, all through our parent company, destiny patrol software. You can be anywhere in the world with a computer that is online or from your smart phone and view any of these reports with just your username and password. Although you can print any of these reports at any time, we ask you to please consider our forests and environment before printing.

It also contains several features, but does not charge per feature, our system is an all-inclusive program that costs what other companies charge for just one feature. The simple icon based design makes destiny mobile more user-friendly, cost-effective and much more economical than a combination of individual systems or a “charge by module” system. We also include the use of our windows based software (adam-602) if needed, and at no additional cost to you.

Because of our parent company, destiny patrol software, you can utilize a full suite of administration, dispatch and client features at no extra charge. Through the administration portal, you can tailor the system configuration to match the exact needs of each client along with giving each one of your clients their own username and password where they can access all of the information and reports that pertain only to their property, from any online computer.

Management/dispatch is able to track employees graphically on a map at all times, generate specific reports of the officer within a 5 foot area with a time stamp, and be able to view when a guard trips a geofence alert. A geofence alert happens when a guard is either entering or leaving a designated area. You can choose who is notified, the client, your management or both, the options are yours.

Destiny mobile has numerous specialized features that enable all of our clients to save time and money, improve operational control and substantially reduce potential liabilities.