Destiny Mobile

Parking Violations

Security officers now have the ability to enter violations, print violations if needed and get search results in real time, without the use of a computer using the destiny mobile system.

Fill out violation information
See violation result. It's that simple
Print violation via bluetooth

Reasons our clients have told us why they like our violation feature:

  1. No more upset property owners calling to get information on a vehicle that was towed, and the copy of the citation not being dropped off yet because the shift is not over, or they have not been delivered to property management yet.
  2. The property management being able to review what is going on with their parking situations instantly, in real time, from any online computer or smartphone.
  3. The property management being able to share these records instantly by either forwarding the email notification or having multiple email recipients for any account.
  4. Being able to see the violation from the attached picture right on their computer and being able to show the violator in the office so they cannot argue why a vehicle was towed.
  5. Security company management not having to get up early in the morning and drive to the office to look for a violation for information due to an irate vehicle owner, they can do it from any online computer or smartphone.
  6. Being able to pull up records of repeat violators in an instant.
  7. Saving office space by having citations on the computer instead of storage boxes.

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