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Guard Tour Verification

Besides the old school detex clocks, using an i-button (RFID) system is how clients and owners of security companies would verify a guard was doing their "rounds" of a property.

Problems: a supervisor has to go download and read the data from the wand. Another problem with the i-button systems is the large availability of the actual i-button themselves, just do a search on the internet for i-button systems, a guard can get a reader that reads i-buttons, then the guard orders his own set of i-buttons that match the ones that are on the post, then sits at his desk running the wand over his own collection of i-buttons.

The Solution: Destiny Mobile Guard Tour Verfication System. Destiny Mobile uses simple QR code labels that are scanned with an android phone or iphone running the Destiny Mobile Software. How is this different from the old problems of yesterday, Destiny mobile creates a GPS stamp of each and every time the Destiny Mobile code is scanned and is sent to the server immediately where it is viewable instantly by your client from their own client account page, and there are GPS links to satellite maps showing a marker of where the guard was exactly at the time of the Destiny Mobile scan. This eliminates a supervisor from having to download the data by visiting the property. Furthermore the Destiny Mobile System sends out an email to each one of your clients every morning with the activities from the past 24 hours of all the Destiny Mobile scans of their property only. Destiny Mobile now includes alarms that notify the officer when they need to scan the QR codes. The way the alarm works is by setting up a specific time the officer had to scan a QR code and the officer is given a grace period in which they are allowed to scan. The time and date for QR alarms are determined by the admin in the manage QR codes section in manage accounts.

This is how the Destiny Mobile System works:

Guard Scans Mobile Code Location. Destiny Mobile codes cannot be decoded by regular scanners
QR code sample
Your client can login into their own client access page to view the Destiny Mobile Report instantly.

When the guard scans a location, a GPS stamp is created so there is absolutely no way a guard can manipulate the location of the scan entry. If the client wishes to verify the Destiny Mobile Tour location, all they need to do is click to the right of the report entry under the "options" header it says "map" to view the exact location where the entry was made via a satellite map that can be zoomed in for a location within 10 feet.

Guard Scans QR code Location.
Area View Zoomed
Your client can login into their own client access page to view the Destiny Mobile Report instantly.

In order to set up an alarm the admin would go into the manage accounts page and set up the rules per QR code. The rules set up using numerial values as displayed below and can rules set up per day and/or per multiple days.

Management and dispatch are able to track and employees graphically on a map, generate specific reports of the officer within a 10 feet area with a date and time stamp. You can create geofences around a property and the guard will trip the geofence alerts when entering a designated area. You can choose who is notified, the client, your management or both.

When using the guard tour feature or "Destiny Mobile Lite", all you have to do is create the Destiny Mobile QR codes in the administration section of the Destiny Patrol Software System and Print them using a laser printer and these outdoor labels that are readily available from many suppliers. Here are some examples for your convenience: See the "How To" video here,, Avery Outdoor Labels - Item #05524

Destiny Mobile has numerous specialized features that enable all our clients to save time and money, improve operational control and substantially reduce potential liabilities.

Destiny Rodan

Destiny Rodan is a guard tour QR feature add on for the Destiny Mobile app that will gather additional information for each site visited during a guard tour, such as temperature readings, verification of status, adding video clips and pictures, and getting a signature if required. This feature can be utilized in many service industries where verification of duties performed are required with absolutely certainty, the combination of GPS location, pictures, video, signatures, and text entry in one report is invaluable to administration, and will show the integrity of your company to your clients without any doubt.

To download Destiny Rodan you must have a Destiny Mobile installed on your Android or IOS device. Click here to download Destiny Rodan for Android.