Destiny Mobile


The leopard destiny mobile feature (lpr) allows your employees the ability to scan license plates using a smart phone with a camera and run them against entries within our system. This feature gives your employee access to instant record logs with a simple picture. Employees have always had the ability to search our system by license plate but with this feature guards are able to do so in a fraction of the time.

The LPR feature is great if you have an account with parking issues and need an employee to verify vehicle status while still maintaining their normal standing guard duty. With the use of a cell phone the guard is able to simply scan a vehicle and move on to their next duty all within a matter of seconds.

How the LPR feature works:

  • The guard scans a license plate.
    • Recognize a vehicle’s license plate upon scan
    • Officers can patrol on foot and verify violation status for each vehicle scanned.
  • Once a license plate is scanned, our system returns basic info of the vehicle and any parking violations already within your database pertaining to said vehicle.
    • Make, model, color, expiration.
    • Any active violations associated to that vehicle and the selected account.
  • After scan you are also able to view a list of active citations that vehicle has.
    • List view of what violations that vehicle has and when those violations occurred.
  • Our system records each violation and suggests a towing recommendation based upon that property’s rules and regulations.
    • Example: rolling cite window, tow after x amount of violations, safelisted, etc.

For more information on how to access and utilize destiny leopard please visit our wiki page here.