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A dispatcher or owner who is sending a call for service to a field unit via our dispatch page would choose the type or reason for the call from this list, and the reason we have a list rather than have the person who is entering the information to just type the call as they interpret it is because later you will be able to create reports for your client by the types of calls for service they received and rather than having different categories for the same type of call such as drunk in public or public intoxication, now all of the calls would be categorized as you determine the types of calls that are used. Also if someone accidentally mistypes a word such as burglary or burglury, two categories would be created.

Destiny's list of the types of calls for service that you or your dispatch / call center may receive is merely a suggestion of the most common calls for security, but by no means is this list permanent. You administer your own account and are able to change, add or delete any of the dispositions that come pre loaded in our software just by going to the "Dispatch Call Types" page from your Administration or Dispatch Main Page.