Tips To Achieve Better Security Guard Tracking

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As a security company, tracking your security guards is essential. It helps provide your clients with peace of mind and ensures that your guards are where they need to be at all times. In today’s blog post from Destiny Software, we are going to discuss four tips to help you achieve better security guard tracking with our security guard checkpoint system and management software. Read on to learn more.

GPS Tracking

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The first and most obvious way that Destiny Software can help you achieve better security guard tracking is with GPS. Our system utilizes GPS satellites and an array of sensors to see what speed your guards are driving and track their location.


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It’s easier to know that your security guards are all in the right place when you have access to a reliable scheduling tool. With Destiny Software, you can ensure you have the exact amount of security guards needed scheduled for each job. Qualifications can also be assigned to jobs to further ensure that the guards chosen meet the necessary requirements.

Mobile Security App

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The Destiny mobile security app manages a variety of important security officer responsibilities, including GPS geofencing, GPS location reporting, and a timeclock to facilitate and validate each security officer’s duties. It also provides guards with the ability to upload reports even without a wireless signal. With the mobile security app, you can be confident that your guards are where they need to be at all times.

Detailed Reporting

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Another way to achieve better security guard tracking is by requiring detailed reporting from your guards. With the help of Destiny Software, detailed on-the-job reporting is possible. Guards can upload reports from their phone with the mobile security app or through the patrol software that can be utilized on windows, android, or iOS devices.

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Security guard tracking is an essential part of operating a security business. Destiny Software provides you with the security guard checkpoint system and security guard tracking software you need. Learn more about Destiny Software products today.

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