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This page is for your client to view the towing policies that they have agreed to, this eliminates them having to call you and ask questions that might not be at hand when you receive the call such as the phone number of the tow company you use for this account, etc... Without this feature, you would have to go to your client's file and look up their company information, now they can view it at any time.

The information available for them to see is:
Tow After cite # (how many citations you give before towing vehicle)
Citation Window (how many days before old citations are removed from "tow after #")
Citations Inactive After (when citations are no longer used)
Safelists Inactive After (when safelisted vehicle info expires)
Parking Contact's Name
Parking Contact Phone Number
Parking Contact Email (who in management's office gets parking related email)
Authority that allows towing of vehicles
Direct phone to that authority
Primary Tow Company Name
Primary Tow Company Phone
Secondary Tow Company Name
Secondary Tow Company Phone
Tertiary Tow Company Name
Tertiary Tow Company Phone
Your complete list of violations you cite and tow for