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This page is where your clients can view all of the dates and times your patrol officer has arrived to their property. In your administration page where you add your client information, you assign your client a password so they can access this page. If you do not wish for your clients to view this information, you do not give them a password and notify them that this service is not available in their area or that there is an extra charge for this service.

Once your client enters the correct password, they will be directed to a page that shows all of the dates and times you were on their property with a satellite picture of the location that coincides with their latitude and longitude. This is the same page that your clients can access from the automated email that gets sent out if you set them up for this feature in their "account information" page of your Destiny Administration area.

In the client information page, you can also add an email address for your client and every time your patrol officer arrives on their property, an email will be sent instantly notifying your client of a patrol visit. Notifications are no more than 1 every half hour so that clients will not know the exact amount of time you spend on their property.