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This page is where the client would be able to search for field interviews. Field Interviews are conducted when an officer find suspicious people in areas where they should not be but are not doing anything illegal. If an officer finds a person loitering around the car ports of an apartment complex and that person has pliers and a screwdriver, well there is no law against that but on the other hand, he has burglary tools in his possession. So you get his information for future reference, maybe the next night a vehicle gets burglarized, now you have a suspect. This is also great for warning trespassers that they will be arrested the next time they are caught on a property.

All reports are saved, NEVER deleted,
so all the client has to do is fill the date parameters and click search. All of these reports are available 24 / 7
and at the touch of a fingertip with the use of any online computer.

When these reports are created an email notification will be sent to the client which is visible here

In the email there is a link to a web version of the report issued for your client to see and print.