The ACTIVITY REPORT feature is for keeping track of ones duties specific to the patrol officer and being able to see exactly what he/she is doing while on duty. This feature is tailored more for management rather than your clients but it could be used for the clients too. This way you can at a glance, see how much time they are spending at each account, the duties they are performing, etc. You could also have the patrol officer push the reports to server every hour if you like so you could watch over the duties of an officer in real time and make sure that they are performing their duties correctly. The following is how this feature is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on screen above.
  2. First he will select the account he is at, his arrival time, what duties he is performing at that account and finally the time he leaves that account. Then he would click on "Add Item" to add this entry to the line entry area below.

  3. Here is a copy of the email management or your client will receive.
  4. In the email that management or client receives, there is a link to a web version of the daily activity report for you or your client to see and print.

Once again, this feature is recommended for management but could easily be used for clients too. This is best if used as your patrol officers daily log that gets reported to management.