The VEHICLE FIELD INFORMATION (V.F.I.) feature is for keeping track of any suspicious vehicles that may not be there legally on the property, or maybe for a speeder that you could not stop, etc.. The following is how this feature is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on screen above.
  2. When submitted, an email gets automatically sent to your client.
  3. In the email there is a link to a web version of the report issued for your client to see and print.
  4. This report can always be retrieved using the search feature in the Destiny program.

The "V.F.I.s" are used when you find a suspicious vehicle in an alley, a car that belonged to someone who was arrested on the property, a speeding vehicle that you could not make contact with, etc.. This works out well for other officers who may not have known what is happening with a vehicle, he sees something out of the ordinary and runs the plate, sees that this vehicle belonged to someone who was arrested and is no longer allowed on the property, etc..