The INCIDENT REPORT feature is for keeping track of any incidents that may happen at a particular property and where maybe an insurance company, corporate office of management company, police department, etc.. may need specific information as to what happened and those involved. We know of many police departments who when taking an arrest from a security company, will write their report and say, "see attached security report" because the reports generated on this system are extremely similar to those used by many law enforcement agencies. The following is how this feature is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on screen shown above.
  2. When submitted, an email gets automatically sent to your client.
  3. In the email there is a link to a web version of the report issued for your client to see and print.
  4. This report can always be retrieved using the search feature in the Destiny program.

The reports saved in the database are always available for you to review and print, this is very practical since many times insurance companies ask for this information months later. Instead of days of searching through boxes of paper reports, you just perform a search on the Destiny program, print out the desired report and send it to the requesting party.