The ARREST REPORT feature is to save data of anyone arrested by your patrol officers or even by police while on one of your client's properties. The following is how this report is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on the screen shown above. This can include a picture taken of the arrestee at time of arrest with our "mug shot" photo upload feature.
  2. When submitted, an email gets automatically sent to your client.
  3. In the email there is a link to a web version of your report for your client to see and print.
  4. This record can always be retrieved by your personnel via the Destiny program.

When arresting an individual, you want to have an arrest report for further possible legal action and to advise your client of what is happening in case they need to act on this information as soon as possible. You or your client may need information regarding this arrest such as a case #, arresting officer, Police Department Name and Case #, etc..

The information gathered on this report can be retrieved later by any officer in the field with access to the Destiny program or by any office personnel. This information may be useful in the future when questioning suspicious persons found on one'sproperty and even to make positive identification with the mug shot feature that is incorporated into the Arrest reports and the Field Interview reports. Click here to see a sample record that was retrieved on the Destiny program with a suspicious individual's information. Although this record is shown on the Destiny program, it is very similar to the record that your client sees when clicking on the link in the email they received when this report was generated, the record has exactly the same information but the client's view is via a web style page so it is not necessary for your clients to have the Destiny program installed into their computers.