When your officers are touring a property and they find any type of maintenance issue such as a broken gate, lights out, graffiti/vandalism, etc, they would select the maintenance feature from ADAM602, fill out the required information, take a picture of the issue and submit the report, all in less than a minute, and with a GPS location marker for the report. Security officers will have no problem utilizing this system.

Your clients will be very satisfied by knowing you are doing a good job of observing their property and it's status, not to mention the detailed and unparalleled quality of the reports. From a report, you can see a picture of the maintenance issue that you can click on to see a larger image, a satellite map of the exact location of the issue with zoom capabilities, and information that was taken at the time the report was created.

Here is a copy of the email your client will receive.

In the email the client receives, there is a link to a web version of the patrol report for your client to see and print.