The VEHICLE STATUS REPORT feature is for keeping track of your fleets vehicle maintenance and readiness for use in the field. As we all know, many mysterious things happen to patrol vehicles when out on patrol, this is a way for management or whoever is in charge of your fleet to be on top of everything that the fleet needs to keep the vehicles in good working order. The following is how this feature is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on the above screen after performing a general inspection of the vehicle including checking all fluids, lamps tires, etc.
  2. This is what the form should look like when filled out correctly.
  3. Here is a copy of the email your fleet manager or your garage will receive.
  4. In the email that the fleet manager or garage receives, there is a link to a web version of the vehicle status report that can be viewed showing the maintenance issues and also can be printed for the maintenance history file of that vehicle.

This also allows for the person who drives the vehicle and experiences any problems first hand, a way to explain the problems or any urgent maintenance that needs to be performed before damage to a vehicle is caused or a way to avoid a dangerous vehicle from being driven by your employees. When the form gets filled out, the email that is selected at the bottom should be sent to whoever is in charge of maintenance or even directly to your maintenance garage so they can be prepared for any services required before the vehicle is taken to them.