The PARKING PERMITS feature is if you have a client who implements parking permits or safelists vehicles for a specific amount of days, etc., this would be the function to implement these tasks. The following is how this feature is used.

  1. Security Guard or Patrol Officer enters information on the screen shown above.
  2. When submitted, an email gets automatically sent to your client.
  3. The email will have a link to a web version of the permit for your client to see.
  4. Your clients can also access a CLIENT SPECIFIC access page where they can add their own "safelists" or "parking permits".
  5. This permit can always be retrieved by your personnel via the Destiny program.

You can enter the information here along with a full description of the vehicle, the owner information, and the time period a vehicle is ok to park there too. This helps out if a car has been found by an officer that was vandalized or broken into, then he has the contact information to call the owner or if you wish, place the managers contact phone number in case the management does not wish that the officers have access to tenant phone numbers.

If you need to add a vehicle for just a couple of days as a visitor, safelist, etc. you can add that information too, there is an area that allows you to put down how many days this will be valid for. After that time period, your officers would know that it could be towed away or cited.

When filling out the above form, the program will ask you for the parking permit # and the account name, this is so that you will not have duplicate records on file, you have to validate those two entries before being allowed to enter the rest of the information.

Also an email will be sent to the client showing the information that was entered into the database so your client will be aware of all entries and will be able to verify the correct information. Your client will be aware of your services which always makes your clients happy.