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Dispatch Calls

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Dispatch Calls

The Dispatch calls page is where a dispatcher can view all Active Dispatch calls for each account.
The Dispatcher may also assign these calls to Officers and create new calls as they become available.

The way to "Add an Incident" or as we put it, add a "Dispatch Call" is by clicking on the
"Add Dispatch" button from the Dispatch index screen, then you will be taken to the "call for service" screen shown below:

Also when the dispatcher submits a call to a unit, the program would automatically send the address of the call to the units that are in the "Primary Unit" and the "Unit To Assist" fields of the "Call For Service" dispatcher screen.

Once a call is sent to a unit and unit to assist if any, a popup screen would appear and display the page below which would show the information that the Dispatcher typed out as a call from the "Call For Service" page. There would also be an audible alarm that lasts about 1 second to notify the field unit that there is a call or a change to the call he originally received

If a call is updated by the dispatcher, the call is resent to the unit and unit to assist if any along with any changes to the location of the call for the GPS function and the audible alarm sounds once again.