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Guard Tour

5 Traits To Prioritize In A Guard Tour System

Business owners everywhere are regularly troubled by the presence of potential burglars. Even businesses that have gone to the trouble of hiring guards will experience difficulties that they do not expect. How do these businesses know that they are getting the most possible bang for their buck?

Thanks to a guard tour system, these problems are finally eliminated once and for all. There are a wide range of guard tour systems available and knowing how to choose the right one is important. This helpful guide will allow us to learn more about the most crucial traits to prioritize in a guard tour system.

1) Ease of Use

If the guard tour system is difficult to use, we are going to struggle to get the most out of it. One of the key factors that we should be addressing during the early stages of the selection process is the ease of use. Sometimes, a system will be more trouble than it is actually worth and this is a problem that we are better off avoiding at all costs.

2) Real Time Accessibility

When threats take place, time is always of the essence. If we do not have a system that provides us with real time accessibility, we are placing ourselves in a difficult position when it comes time to actually put a stop to a crime. We need to have the ability to capture information in the moment and send it on to the appropriate parties. These systems remove the need for radio devices that take too long to communicate the necessary information.

3) High Level of Reliability

Reliability is a term that is thrown around carelessly and while we must prioritize this trait, we also need to know exactly what it is we are looking for. Any guard tour system we select will need to offer information about pending potential issues and provide precise GPS location points for each guard that is protecting the property. The system should also not allow for any logs to be tampered with by the guards.

4) Added Applications

The system is very important by itself but there are other applications that need to be prioritized when we choose a guard tour option for our business. Is there a mobile button task app included? What about time sheet management? Or task assignment? Selecting the right option will often come down to the number of useful applications that are being added to the system. The best systems are going to offer all of the applications that we need and there is going to be zero effect on the final price.

5) Free Trial Period

Does the provider of the system seem too eager to receive a commitment? Are they not willing to offer a free trial period? These are bad signs that should be treated as such. On the other hand, a company that is able to offer a free trial period is always going to have our best interests at heart. These companies are confident in the services that they provide. They are also more than willing to offer a grace period where we can learn if the system is right for us.