Guard Tour Patrol System

Guard Tour Patrol System

Five Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Guard Tour Patrol System

For home, business or property owners security plays a very key role in their lives, hence the need to hire guards. But then the question arises; how sure are you that the guards you have hired and are paying good money are actually doing the job and not sleeping while you also sleep? How sure are you that you are getting quality value for your hard-earned money and that your guards are not involved in behaviors that can put your life and property at risk? This is where a guard tour patrol system comes into the picture.

A guard tour system is a software developed to enhance the process of securing an event or property. They help to keep property and business owners informed of the activities of their guards by relying to them real-time information.

There are several guard tour systems on the market such that it can get quite confusing to find the best. Below are some key aspects that must be looked for when choosing a guard tour patrol system;

1) Simplicity:

This is one of the key aspects that must be looked out for when making a choice. These systems are supposed to ease the process of guarding a property or securing an event, and they do this mainly by eliminating the need for paperwork. But some guard tour systems actually make things more complex.

When on the market for a system ensure to look for one with simplicity, that can be easily understood by both guards and their supervisors.

2) Real-time information:

A quality guard tour patrol system must be able to provide real-time access to information thereby facilitating immediate response to threats or other issues. One of the challenges of radio device communication is the delay in transmitting information from one station to another. A guard tour system must eliminate such delays and give real-time information to guards and their supervisors.

The property owner must be able to know how many guards have checked in, where they are positioned and if they have completed their checkpoints.

3) Reliability:

Reliability is another aspect you must look out for in a guard tour patrol system. A quality guard system must be able to work both online and offline and must be immune to attacks or manipulation. It must give valuable information on the performance of the guards if there are any pending check-ins or inactive checkpoints and the location of every guard on your property.

4) Added value:

Although the system is useful in itself, having value-added services to the package is a plus. Look for services such as a mobile panic button, event reporting with images, timesheet management etc. You should choose the guard tour system that offers you the best value-added services for the same price.

5) Free trial:

Regardless of how explicit the product description is on the company’s website, nothing replaces a real experience. Look for a guard tour system that allows for a quality free trial period, particularly one that requires no obligations from your end. This period allows you to evaluate the product and its benefits so you can know if it is the right product for you.