Guard Tour Systems

Guard Tour Systems

Top Reasons Why You Need Guard Tour Systems For Your Asset

A guard tour system is a system utilized to helping organizations and companies log, organize and carry out patrols and tours in their properties making sure that the officers are diligent towards their work within the stipulated time. There are many types of systems used in guard tours which can be broadly classified into two: cloud guard tour software which operates on cloud technology and modern mobile and wand guard system which operates on devices that are handheld.

By scanning particular checkpoints given to a guard, guard tour software provides a method of checking and recording the time taken for the guard to carry out his guard tour.

Checkpoints are fixed at particular points on remote areas sites or buildings and assisting the staff in charge to identify every part of a specific area and different location. The officers on site can record and track events, send SOS alerts, scan checkpoints and send and conduct reports to the clients or staff in charge in real time.


A key reason you need the guard tour system is accountability. All your information can be stored in databases that are fully secured and can be obtained from any location and at any time. You can easily make digital footprints of your officers, organize schedules and track activities in order to be sure that guard tours are carried out in time and properly. You will add worth to your work by using guard tour software configuration for your everyday needs. Documentation and accountability will also reduce complicated and time-consuming tasks making your business life easy.

Saves Time and Costs

Excessive cost of transportation can be reduced by using guard tour software to inspect missed scans and executed patrols. It will facilitate the globally distributed locations to be managed remotely and will lower the amount of time spent on managing tasks that are being repeated on a daily basis. Through simple clicks of buttons on their electronic gadgets, officers in charge of the guard tour can retrieve new data and export reports in real time and rapidly. The costs and time-saving advantages of the guard tour software lead to services upgrade as well as ample time to invest in development.

Efficient Data Analysis

With guard tour software, establishments can edit, analyze, gather a huge amount of important information about the covered regions and the guard tours carried out within them. In most situations, additional analysis and processes can be executed on exported data. This advantage assists organizations and companies to comprehend major faults in their everyday procedures and come up with ways to eliminate them.


Guard tour software keeps a lot of procedures simple. Keeping data in a paper form or personal notebooks is not required. By some simple click on the buttons of a rugged device or smartphone, the guard can send reports to the monitoring centers who receive them automatically and in real time. All that may be required is scanning some checkpoints and utilizing a simple interface to depict all their activities. Also, all activities can be managed through a mobile device by programming the guard software. The core of any daily work is simplicity and guard tour system reduces work time and cuts out paper load allowing officers and companies concentrate on more integral parts of their jobs.