Security Guard Software

Security Guard Software

Install Our Security Guard Software And Keep Your Officers On Their Toes

No doubt, there have been remarkable changes in the way and manner guards perform patrols and other security activities in recent times, thanks to internet burst and recent advances in technology. Now, on-site guards can effectively communicate with security managers without necessarily having to meet together. Consequently, this has helped to not only enhanced the delivery of information in real-time but has also helped in dissolving ambiguity.

It was difficult in the past to effectively conduct patrolling reports and track guards’ activities in real-time. But today, things have changed. Thanks to recent developments in technology, guards can now send situation reports via e-mails and other electronic means without even going to the office. Our security guard software is designed to provide facility managers with real-time updates of their guards’ activities, state, and position. It also calls for effective surveillance and the instant transmission of incidents reports.

There are so many things you stand to benefit when you install our security guard software.

Improved budget control

When it comes to running a business that requires the use of security guard tours, you cannot shy away from investing in both people and equipment. As the core of any business, you will need adequate resources to execute such guard tours. Without these, you can’t monitor all territories, protect your facility, and accomplish guard tours efficiently. While this may appear somewhat expensive to maintain, it is, however, good to know that you can significantly cut costs and ensure proper budget control when you have a good program in place.

Investing in reliable security guard software is essential for both small and large scale security firms and even for businesses in other industries, as it helps to eliminate the cost of maintaining certain time-consuming tasks such as the cost of transporting security personnel check missed scans or executed patrols.

Enhances effective management

It is the responsibility of the security manager in the office to ensure that checkpoints are located in the proper location and properly scanned to avoid any hitches. It is also his responsibility to select which officers or guards will patrol or participate in a guard tour.

Reliving security managers from the laborious task of assigning responsibilities to guards and monitoring several areas within the facility simultaneously is one of the most significant parameters of our security guard software. As you already know, the issue of security is half-solved when proper management and communication is established. With our system in place, any manager should be able to effectively verify all checkpoints scans and as well check the position of a guard within the facility.

In a bid to help security managers and staff meet their safety obligations, we have designed this software in such a way that guard tours can be effectively planned and carried out without experiencing communication problems. Interestingly, our software can be used to manage as many territories as possible remotely. Whether the security manager is within or without the facility, he can be able to use the program to organize and monitor a guard tour in real time.