Security Guard Tour System

Security Guard Tour System

Why Every Business Needs Our Security Guard Tour System

Generally, the crime rate has increased in virtually all parts of the world. Burglary and break-ins are reported on a daily basis. According to FBI’s report in 2010, victims of burglary suffered an estimated loss of $4.6 billion in the United States. This amounts to an average of $2,119 per burglary. What makes the report more worrisome is the fact that the figure keeps increasing every year.

No matter the level of your insurance policy, you will be compensated for a particular fraction of your loss and not all. So, the best option is to prevent all forms of burglary as much as you can. A lot of companies in the United States spare no expense to secure their properties.

To bridge the need gap, we came up with our security guard tour system. We are certain that our security guard tour system will go a long way in keeping your properties secure and safe. One of the best security tools in our security guard tour system is known as Destiny Mobile. This software offers the benefits outlined below.

Electronic record maintenance

The software helps to maintain your records electronically. Apart from security, the application saves you the time that would have been spent on storage and retrieval of documents. In fact, retrieval is often more time-consuming than storing. This application saves the effort dissipated in file retrieval.

This also means that it will save you a lot of space that would have been occupied by numerous file cabinets. Sometimes, physical files can be burnt to cover tracks after a fraud. This cannot happen when you store your files electronically.

It generates management reports

With our software, you can generate management report instantly. We designed it in such a way that the report generated by this software can be accessed by anyone in any part of the world with a PC or a mobile device as long as the person has a valid username and password. We did it to promote telecommuting. This will also be an advantage to you. You can be on vacation in any part of the world and still have access to the report provided there is internet connection in your location.

Graphical tracking of employees

This software can help you track the location of your guards on a map all the time. When a guard is about to leave his designated area, you will be alerted immediately. In addition, you can decide on who to be alerted when such a thing happens. It could be the client or your management or both of you. The alert is known as “Geofence alert”. We included this feature because we believe that when your guards realize that they are being monitored, they will hardly leave their duty posts.

It generates multiple reports

Depending on your preference, our software can generate activity reports, patrol reports, maintenance reports, arrest reports, and incident reports. All these reports can be retrieved instantly. We understand that they are necessary for your management to take important business decisions.

Reasonable charges

Apart from all the functions discussed above, our software can carry out other functions. At this juncture, it is important to let you know that while most of our competitors will rather charge you for each of the functions, we offer one-off charges for everything.

With our services, we have brought a combination of productivity and security to your doorstep. Why not take advantage of it today?

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