Security Patrol Software

Security Patrol Software

Use Our Security Patrol Software To Solve Your Security’s Biggest Problems

Security, they say, is everyone’s business. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what it means to professionally handle such a laborious task. Working with an organization that’s got a team of extensive experience in both technology and security could make all the difference. With security patrol software in hand, you can effectively manage your workforce in real time.

For quite some years now, we have been in the business of providing professionals in the security industry with real-time security management tools. Our efficient security patrol software is one of the products we have suitably designed for administrators and dispatchers, supervisors, security personnel and guards to carry out their tasks effectively. This program which can be easily accessed from any PC or smartphone device has already been vetted by industry leaders.

Here is what you stand to achieve when you use our software to tackle your security problems.

Improved communication

Lack of proper communication has been found to be a major cause of insecurity in many establishments today. In times past, it has been quite challenging to use the various communications channels available to get helpful information to relevant authorities from across multiple sites. Reports could either be filed incorrectly or missed along the way. As a result, most officers become unaware of urgent issues. But today, technology is paving way for improved communication among security agents.

Our security patrol software consolidates communication into a single channel that can be accessed from any device or PC. This has helped to improve training time and increase knowledge about real-time happenings at various checkpoints. Any dispatch guard can make use of your program to communicate which in turn helps to speed up the incident resolution process. Along with the ability to integrate messages with notes, audio files, and photos, you stand to experience an improved incident reporting system right from the field.

Open transparency

When there are no specified numbers to back up claims, it can be relatively difficult to prove values in a workplace. It is very easy for companies to blame their security provider particularly when they experience security problems. Sometimes, these guards are actually not at fault but because they are at the helm, they are often the ones to be blamed.

We sought to correct this problem with our software by letting administrators gain access to crucial information whenever they choose to. So before their contracts get jeopardized they can identify those underperforming officers beforehand. Our patrol program is also designed to provide managers with incident summaries while granting them access to daily activity reports on the site.

Enhanced accountability

Many security managers today can be said to be “flying blind” due to the lack of proper insight into officer performance. As operations scale up, it can be difficult to have supervisors come around often and on which can affect accountability on site.

However, our software tries to correct this problem by providing supervisors and security managers with real-time visibility into guard behavior. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to ensure that your security team is on-task and on-location than this.

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