Security Reporting Software

Security Reporting Software

Make Your Security Guard Services Run Smoother With Our Dependable Security Reporting Software

When it comes to protecting lives and property – whether in a commercial or residential setting – security is never an option. From receiving time-sensitive information on mobile devices to tracking assets in real-time, there is no doubt that the security industry is undergoing a real transformation. Today, only very few stakeholders are willing to accept handwritten reports with paper-clipped photos – everyone is more or less going digital.

For those looking to make their security operations run smoother, it’s time to go with the trend. Our security reporting software is refined to not only bring sophistication and a greater level of control to security operations but to also revolutionize the security industry. You too can experience lean and efficient services by managing your entire security operation with our program. Here is what you stand to benefit from these services.

Report incidents

Most clients today simply want to have something that can be emailed to them. Along with the ability to integrate relevant videos and photos, you can use our dependable security reporting software to create clean, professional reports about incidents occurring within the facility in real time. Having the capability to deliver your reports along with our ultimate security guard services branded to your own specifications and organization gives you a unique experience.

Our customizable PDF forms support the integration of Google Maps, witness statements, video, audio, and images. So when writing reports in the office or field, ensure to include these features to create a comprehensive incident report for proper presentation.

Unique guard tour system

There are so many great ways by which you can effectively guard your facility or companies with our outstanding security software. Right from the comfort of your PC or even mobile device, you can effectively organize guard tours within an hour or two and even watch your guards conduct patrols in real-time. As a matter of fact, there is no better way to manage your facility’s security operation than this.

Easy deployment

When it comes to using software to perform certain tasks in the industry, one major factor to always consider is the “ease of use.” Using a complicated security reporting program can be quite overwhelming and can yield little or no results at all. Virtually everyone wants to use programs with a simple interface.

Apart from being very much affordable, our top-rated security reporting software is easy to use. Interestingly, our support staff can train you to deploy the software in less than no time. So, it doesn’t matter whether your guards are experienced with the use of technology or not, you can start using your branded security management system just within the shortest possible time.

Partner with us today

Every now and then, we try as much as possible to create a hassle-free solution for organizations and companies in the security industry. Just so you know, we are not trying to “up-sell” you. We only want to partner with you so as to help you achieve the growth and development you desire for your organization.

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