Destiny Mobile

Send Location And Directions

This function is used two different ways or is applied from two different areas of Destiny.

The first way is by a dispatcher who assigns a call to a unit, the location of the unit is acquired via the GPS function along with the location of the call that is entered by the dispatcher, then turn by turn directions and a map showing the route are calculated by Destiny. The unit that is receiving the “call for service” will also get a popup window notification that states “New route available” and when going to the “GPS/Enroute” tab, will display a map similar to the one below.

And the second way is very helpful for training new patrol officers or for someone who is not used to going outside of the normal route to a location when an urgent call may received. All the officer has to do is click on the scroll down menu and pick the account and Destiny will display turn by turn directions to the left of the screen and a map showing how to get to that location on the right side of the screen. A dispatcher can also push an address the same way from the dispatch menu (shown below). The map on the units computer updates constantly so as the unit gets closer, the map gets tighter and shows a better detail of the area for easy navigating.

If the location that the unit is being dispatched to needs an exact address that is not listed in the accounts drop down list, the patrol officer or the dispatcher can manually input the address and it will show the patrol officer the same type of results as shown above.

Top of Scrolled Screen