GPS Tracking

Gone are the days of when a client would say “how do I know your guard was here?”. Now you can show them irrefutable proof, that is good enough for a court of law, not to mention any times where you have a disgruntled employee who claims that they never took a lunch break, etc.. as now you can track and verify their every move.

Our service was specifically designed for the Security industry, but we have found so many other service companies who like our features and utilize them too. When new clients find you without you advertising to them, shows us that we have a great formula for employee management!

Service Verification: By Way Of GPS Satellites

Track Employees In Real Time

To locate a patrol unit or guard, all that is required is to look at the map to see all of your units and property locations. To locate a unit, just click on the patrol car icon to see which unit it is and a balloon will appear with the units name, last seen date and time and an “enroute” link if you wish to load directions from your current position to the location of that unit. more..

GT3 – Guard Tour Verification (Replaces OLD RFID Wand Technology)

GT3 uses simple QR Code labels that are scanned with an Android phone running the GT3 software that creates a GPS stamp of each and every time the GT3 code is scanned that is sent to the server immediately, and where it is viewable instantly by your client from their own client account page. There are GPS links to satellite maps showing a marker of where the guard was exactly at the time of the GT3 scan. more..

GeoFencing – Onsite Notifications

Ever wish to verify when an employee arrives to an account? Destiny has solved that problem with our GeoFencing feature, just drag and drop markers on the account’s geofence page, and when the employee travels within that “geofenced” area, a record is made for your client that shows the officer name, date/time and a link to a satellite map showing the location. You can also add an email or text notification so that either your client or a supervisor is notified of every time the employee arrives to this location. more..

Maintenance Reports With Satellite Maps

The maintenance reports that Destiny generates leave NOTHING to be desired, your clients will be 100% satisfied when they receive a maintenance report that describes the issue, shows an actual picture of the issue, and shows an exact location of the issue with a marker on a satellite view map that is interactive so your client can actually zoom in for a tighter view, or zoom out to view the general area of the issue. more..

GPS Employee Timeclock

No more wondering about an employee’s hours, with our timeclock feature, the employee clocks in and out of his shift from the account location. When the entry is made, a picture is taken for employee verification, a GPS location of where they clocked in or out, and the date and time when the entry was created are recorded and viewable from the administration portal. more..